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Sundown Audio VEX-8" Midrange 300-watts (1 Single Speaker)


The Sundown Audio VEX series is our top-of-the-line high efficiency mid-range series. The VEX-8 was designed to handle an enormous 300-watts RMS thanks to its generous 2.5” coil (with a full 20mm winding length) and highly efficient airflow system consisting of twelve gaps vents and a chamfered, large-diameter pole vent. The long coil also affords the VEX-8 a full 9mm of linear x-max one-way so it can play lower than many other high-efficiency drivers without distortion. The inductance is kept in check by a dual shorting-ring system (magnet ID & pole cap) which drops the LE spec to less than 25% of the RE value. This allows the high-frequency extension to reach all the way up to 5,000 Hz where it then falls of naturally and smoothly on its own thanks to the extremely strong and non-resonant carbon-fiber cone & dust-cap assembly. Most high-efficiency drivers utilize very light-weight paper which is great for sensitivity but not so great in terms of breakup modes and strength (to withstand torture in bass-heavy vehicles). We went with real carbon-fiber to address these issues at the expense of more mass. But we still achieved a 94.3dB sensitivity by combining a large diameter, high-strength ferrite motor with a neodymium pole-cap magnet! The whole package is held together with a sturdy cast-aluminum frame that features extensive spider cavity venting to further increase thermal power handling. Quite simply – if you are looking for one of the loudest and best-sounding high efficiency mid-range drivers to hit the car-audio market the VEX-8 is exactly what you need!

  • Features

    • Power Handling: 300 Watts RMS
    • Impedance: 4/8-ohm SVC
    • Vented cast frame
    • 3 inch voice coil
    • X-Max 9mm
    • Excellent for Mid-bass
    • Mounting Depth : Aproximately  4 inches
    • Rear Vented
    • Spring Loaded Terminals


    RE (Ohms)6.000
    FS (Hz)90.592
    VAS (L)5.861
    BL (NA)22.995
    Mms (Grams)38.524
    Cms (uM/N)80.119
    Sens (dB @ 1w/1m)94.3dB

Sundown Audio VEX-8" Midrange 300-watts (1 Single Speaker)

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