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Sundown Audio E 8" v.6 300W DVC Subwoofer

Includes 1 Subwoofer Sundown Audio E 8" v.6 300W DVC Subwoofer

  • Features

    • Xmax = 14mm one-way by 70% BL
    • RMS Power = 500-watts (300-watts 8”)
    • Vented magnetic gap
    • Vented pole piece with optimized geometry (solid pole for 8”)
    • Black Aluminum 2.5” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation (2” coil for 8”)
    • High Temperature 4-Layer copper voice coil wire
    • Spring Loaded Terminals
    • Stitched-On “Mini-XL” Tinsel Leads to prevent fatigue and failure
    • Bolted-on Spider Pack
    • Bolt-through motor design to ensure maximum longevity and ruggedness against mechanical failures
    • High strength stamped steel frame
    • Optimized for ported enclosures
T/S SPECSE V.6 8" D2E V.6 8" D4
RE (Ohms)3.85.8
FS (Hz)41.45742.162
VAS (L)7.5736.738
BL (NA)15.64417.992
Mms (Grams)111.718121.404
Cms (mm/N)131.923117.374
Sens (dB @ 1w/1m)82.481.3

Enclosure Specifications

 E-8 v.6   
Sealed EnclosureN/A   
Ported Enclosure0.65 cu ft   
Recommended Tuning35hz   
Recommended Port Area9 sq in   
Displacement0.07 cu ft   
Outside Diam.8.500”   

Sundown Audio E 8" v.6 300W DVC Subwoofer

$129.99 Regular Price
$103.99Sale Price
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