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Neo 8


800 Watts Max Power Handling


2" Voice Coil


98 dB Sensitivity


100HZ-8.5KHz of frequency response




Nominal Diameter          8" (203mm)

Max Power Handling      800 w

RMS Power Handling     400 w

Frequency Response      100Hz-8.5KHZ

Nominal Impedance       4ohm

Sensitivity                         98dB

Magnet                              Neodymium

Voice Coil Diameter        2"

Voice Coil Wire               CCAW


THIELE-SMALL PARAMETERS                    


Equivalent Volume         Vas        9.53 L

Free Air Resonance        Fs           99 Hz

Mechanical Factor          Qms      4.18

Electrical Factor Qes       0.31

Total Factor       Qts        0.29

Cone Area          Sd          216.4cm²

Mechanical Mass            Mms     17.83 g

BI Factor                           BI           10.68 Tm

Dc Resistance                  Re          3.2 Ohms


MOUNTING INFO           


Overall Diameter                          8.26”(210mm)

Front Mount Baffle Cutout          7.32"(186mm)                              

Mounting Depth                           3.11"(79mm)

Overall Depth                                 3.51"(89.3mm)

Resilient Sounds NEO 8"inch 400 watts RMS 4ohm speaker

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