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Outperform the rest with your Pocket Pro Wireless IVM Voltmeter

Detailed Voltage Monitoring displayed accurately to the hundredths (00.00) up to 25VDC  featuring (CV) Current Voltage

(SV) Starting Voltage

(HV) High Voltage

(LV) Low Voltage

All displayed simultaneously on an Easy to Read 2.5″ OLED Display

Pocket Pro Comp IVM features an on/off button and is Lithium Powered ensuring long run times between charges and is rechargeable through the standard micro USB port on the device (illuminates red when charging and green when fully charged with a standard 5v phone charger or USB port). Cable and Charger NOT INCLUDED. Device can be used as it’s being charged. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE Pocket Pro Comp is not exposed to temperatures above 145F and temperatures below 10F.

Double NEO magnets incorporated into the Pocket Pro Comp IVM allowing placement of the device on exterior panels of your vehicle for handsfree operation. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to affix it to thicker areas of your vehicle, horizontal planes, and/or areas that have a generous amount of deadening to prevent the device from falling off of your vehicle due to panel flex caused by your system. Nelo Media is not responsible for damaged devices caused by falling off of your vehicle or have been dropped.

The included Transmit Module is to be permanently installed in the vehicle and will accept and display up to 25VDC on the PPC. the Transmit Module features detachable connectors with Positive (+) and Negative (-) inputs on one side of the case for your read voltage input, and Ignition (I) and Negative (-) inputs on the opposing side of the case for your switched on/off power of the Transmit Module itself

TX and Pocket Pro Comp come paired out of the box, connect your leads, start your vehicle, power on the Pocket Pro Comp and start getting your readings

Has up to a 140ft range from the Pocket Pro Comp to the Transmit unit outdoors and without obstructions, reasonable expectations of data transmit range are up to 75ft. without obstructions and estimated around 50ft.+/- with obstructions in between the Pocket Pro Comp and the Transmit Unit.

Comes with a mountable Holster with incorporated NEO magnets to seat the Pocket Pro Comp when not in your hand or in your pocket. Mount it anywhere in your vehicle, podium, center console etc.

Available in black and lime green (standard colors), custom colors are available at a cost of $15 to match your build/ride. Please message us directly through the contact page on the website , via email (, or on Facebook at the time of your order to advise of your choice of the standard colors or to check availability of custom colors. Please allow 10 business days of build time per kit not including shipping time.


Pocket Pro Comp IVM V1 Voltmeter w/Wireless Monitoring

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